Quality products for personal, professional, and academic success.

Exceptional communication is necessary for success. We offer skills and knowledge which are not available anywhere else. They are largely based on our own research and on our interdisciplinary expertise with a focus on linguistics and nonverbal communication.

Our core industries are education and business.


"Your training is fascinating, fabulous, and you are very, very good at explaining the nuances of nonverbal communication. You have content and knowledge that will impress people. Nice team building for staff. I want tons more!" --Noel K., President, International Orientation Resources

"I have never watched a training seminar that packed so much into a short time ever. You IMMEDIATELY engaged that entire group—and they hung onto everything you said. We need more of what you have to offer!" --Diane C., Director of Sales, Mary Kay Cosmetics


"I feel that after having taken her class I will be more prepared for life than any other class could offer." - Randy G., first year 2-year college student

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